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Version 4.0 - 15 September 2013


Compatible with recent Linux, MacIntosh (with Intel chip processors) and Windows computers and most associated popular browsers. Use computers with processor clock speeds over 633 MHz for best results.






Today’s digital photography and computers support the economical use of large, digital, high-resolution color images, data bases and search engines to help with wildflower classification.


Designed for the amateur enthusiast, 'Wildflowers of Arizona' provides a unique combination and delivery of computer-based digital imagery and automated classification tools suitable for use at home.


It features an easy to use WildflowerFinder Search Tool designed to help in the identification of 570 Arizona species, in the process, drawing upon over 3100 large JPG photographic images (1920 x 1440 pixel), for many of the spectacular and beautiful wildflowers in our state. It also includes 5 built-in wildflower slideshows.


All flower images were photographed within roughly 100 miles or so (a typical day trip) of Phoenix, Arizona, at hundreds of locations; north, south, east and west of the valley.


Many specimens were spotted right alongside roadways, and many more while hiking.


All photos, all originals taken by the author, were taken with either 5 or 10 megapixel CANON PowerShot digital cameras.


With few exceptions all image files are between 500KB and 1500KB in size.


A similar product created several years ago, primarily focused on the Sonoran Desert below 3500' elevation, titled 'Wildflowers of the Sonoran Desert,' organized in much the same fashion as 'Wildflowers of Arizona,' remains available; featuring over 1528 images, nearly all 1600 x 1200 pixel in size, covering 325 species.  

With either product, we know you will enjoy our many images of beautiful Arizona wildflowers!






Wildflowers of Arizona